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Transportable Accommodation Solutions

Purpose-Built and Code-Compliant
Functional and Comfortable Living
Fast Build and Delivery
For Land owners and Rental Hosts

Residential Designs

Our fully self-contained residential transportable homes are meticulously designed and crafted in New Zealand to meet all essential needs with comfort in mind, offering a “tiny” living experience without compromising on the quality of life. All our units are New Zealand Building Code compliant, guaranteeing a high standard of construction, and each comes with the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) – for your peace of mind.
Purpose-Built for workers

RSE Regulation Compliant Transportable Worker Accommodations.

With over two decades of local construction experience and a deep understanding of the challenges associated with providing suitable housing for seasonal workers, our transportable worker accommodations are designed to cater to various scales and specific needs, ensuring a customized fit for your business.

Beyond mere quality, we take pride in delivering solutions that are flexible, efficient, cost-effective, and fully compliant with both NZ building codes and Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme regulations. Our commitment even extends beyond the accommodation itself, as we are prepared to tailor design payment methods or collaboration models to align with your specific business scenarios.

By partnering with Chillax Lifestyle, you can confidently entrust the accommodation aspect to our expertise, allowing you to focus seamlessly on your core business operations.

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Purpose-Built and Code-Compliant

Our transportable homes are purpose-designed and built with premium local materials to meet all building codes and regulatory requirements, showcasing our commitment to quality craftsmanship and durable construction.

Functional and Comfortable Living

We prioritize functional and comfortable living in our thoughtfully designed transportable homes. Rest assured, there is no compromise on life quality, even in these more compact spaces.


We stand apart with a robust financial foundation, providing our clients with a sense of security and stability. Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, especially during challenging times, we are more than willing to discuss tailored, flexible payment options that suit your specific situation. Our aim is to go beyond being an accommodation supplier only; we strive to be your long-term support partner in the industry, ensuring not just the excellence of our products but also the sustainability of your success.


We understand the urgency of having suitable accommodation ready for use within weeks. Our highly efficient in-factory build process allows for swift construction and delivery to your desired location.
about us

about us

Unlocking the future of transportable housing with Chillax Lifestyle.

Unlocking the future of transportable housing with Chillax Lifestyle. Drawing upon our extensive 20 years of experience in property development and construction in New Zealand, we at Chillax Lifestyle embarked on a mission to provide high-quality, comfortable, and functional factory-manufactured homes that fulfil the challenging housing demands of Aotearoa. With us, you can say goodbye to long waiting times – ready to move in within weeks, all at affordable prices!