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Chillax Lifestyle acknowledges the vital role that RSE workers play in New Zealand’s agricultural sector and the need for suitable, regulation-compliant accommodations. 

Our purpose-designed and built transportable RSE accommodation units are not just compliant with regulations but are also crafted to provide comfortable and convenient living spaces that promote the well-being and satisfaction of seasonal workers. 

In doing so, we offer a more adaptable, time-efficient, and cost-effective solution for businesses catering to seasonal worker accommodations.

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Self-contained Transportable worker accommodation

We provide all-inclusive transportable houses equipped with independent bathrooms and kitchens. Each transportable house functions as a self-contained residence, offering workers a complete living experience. These units are designed for individuals or small groups, ensuring they have all the essential amenities for accommodation, dining, and hygiene in one unified space.

Transportable Modular Worker Accommodation Solution

We offer modular functional units, including bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and dining units. These units serve specific purposes and can be combined to create customized worker accommodations, catering to various needs. Whether for larger teams, smaller groups, or individual supervisors, our modular units offer versatile solutions.

Why Choose Our Solutions


Transportable solutions offer a host of benefits, including cost-efficiency, flexibility, and speedy deployment. Their modularity allows for easy customization, while maintaining quality and comfort. These solutions are environmentally responsible, compliant with regulations, and adaptable to various locations, making them a versatile and sustainable choice for a range of accommodation needs.

Fully Compliant with Worker Accommodation Standards

Our “Compliance Assurance” is paramount in our commitment to excellence. Our transportable units are purposefully designed and crafted by our experienced team to ensure they fully comply with both the New Zealand building code and the specific RSE requirements for workers’ accommodations. Rest assured, every new unit leaving our factory will be “signed off” by the Auckland City Council, and ready for the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) to be issued – for the unit only (not associated with the land, foundations or sewage).

Self-contained and modular functional units

We take pride in offering a diverse range of self-contained and modular functional units that can be effortlessly configured individually or in combination, to tailor-fit accommodations to a wide spectrum of needs and budget ranges. 

Whether you require single units for a compact setup or multiple units to create larger, interconnected accommodations, our offerings provide the flexibility to adapt seamlessly to various scenarios. This adaptability, coupled with compliance, comfort, and efficiency, makes our solutions the ultimate choice for all your worker accommodation requirements.

Customisation to Meet Unique Client Requirements

From a single self-contained unit to more integrated accommodation complex, we understand that every client may have unique needs, and we are prepared to offer customised solutions to best align with your specific accommodation requirements. From layout to style, our design and production teams will listen to your needs and work diligently to realise your vision.

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