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Self-contained worker accommodation solutions

Self-contained designs

*The model of the tiny house in the video is Retreat 55R.

We provide all-inclusive transportable houses equipped with independent bathrooms and kitchens. Each transportable house functions as a self-contained residence, offering workers a complete living experience. These units are designed for individuals or small groups, ensuring they have all the essential amenities for accommodation, dining, and hygiene in one unified space.

ONE Bedroom for TWO Individuals

9m x 2.8m
25.2㎡ Floor area

bed x 2

Full Kitchen

Bath x 1

Toilet x 1


Oasis 26R is a fully self-contained one-bedroom transportable home designed for the comfortable living of two individuals. This home is thoughtfully designed and constructed in accordance with New Zealand Building Codes, and fully compliant with all RSE accommodation requirements set forth by New Zealand Immigration and WorkSafe.  Crafted right here in NZ using high-quality local materials, it boasts exceptional insulation to ensure an optimal level of comfort throughout every season.

TWO Bedrooms for FOUR Individuals

13m x 2.8m
36.4㎡ Floor area

bed x 4

Full Kitchen

Bath x 1

Toilet x 1


Bliss 36R is a smart and functional two-bedroom self-contained transportable home, accommodating up to four individuals comfortably.

This well-designed dwelling includes two spacious bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a modern bathroom, and a cosy living area. It is designed to meet both the NZ Building Code and all RSE accommodation requirements established by New Zealand Immigration and WorkSafe.

Proudly locally manufactured, Bliss 36R ensures a compact yet quality living experience.

THREE Bedrooms for SIX Individuals

13m x 4.2m
54.6㎡ Floor area

bed x 6

Full Kitchen

Bath x 1

Toilet x 2


Retreat 55R is our thoughtfully designed three-bedroom transportable home, created to provide a functional and comfortable living space tailored to the needs of RSE workers and individuals in various industries. Crafted from high-quality local materials, it fully complies with the NZ Building Code and all RSE accommodation requirements set by various governing bodies in New Zealand. Retreat 55R stands as a testament to our commitment to providing secure and comfortable living for those who work tirelessly to make a difference.

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